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Site Plan Approval
§ 415-93 Site plan approval.
A. Site plan approval required. All applications for zoning permits for any construction, reconstruction, expansion or conversion, except for one- and two-family residences in residential districts, shall require site plan approval by the Plan Commission in accordance with the requirements of this section.
B. Application. The applicant for a zoning permit shall also submit a site plan and sufficient plans and specifications of proposed buildings, machinery and operations to enable the Plan Commission or its expert consultants to determine whether the proposed application meets all the requirements applicable thereto in this chapter.
C. Administration. The Zoning Administrator shall make a preliminary review of the application and plans and refer them, along with a report of his findings, to the Plan Commission within 10 days. The Plan Commission shall review the application and may refer the application and plans to one or more expert consultants selected by the Village Board to advise whether the application and plans meet all the requirements applicable thereto in this chapter. Within 30 days of its receipt of the application, the Commission shall authorize the Zoning Administrator to issue or refuse a zoning permit.
D. Requirements. In acting on any site plan, the Plan Commission shall consider the following:
(1) The appropriateness of the site plan and buildings in relation to the physical character of the site and the usage of adjoining land areas.
(2) The layout of the site with regard to entrances and exits to public streets; the arrangement and improvement of interior roadways; and the location, adequacy and improvement of areas for parking and for loading and unloading and shall, in this connection, satisfy itself that the traffic pattern generated by the proposed construction or use shall be developed in a manner consistent with the safety of residents and the community, and the applicant shall so design the construction or use as to minimize any traffic hazard created thereby.
(3) The adequacy of the proposed water supply, drainage facilities, and sanitary and waste disposal.
(4) The landscaping and appearance of the completed site. The Plan Commission may require that those portions of all front, rear and side yards not used for off-street parking shall be attractively planted with trees, shrubs, plants or grass lawns and that the site be effectively screened so as not to impair the value of adjacent properties nor impair the intent or purposes of this section.
E. Effect on municipal services. Before granting any site plan approval, the Plan Commission may, besides obtaining advice from consultants, secure such advice as may be deemed necessary from the Village Engineer or other municipal officials, with special attention to the effect of such approval upon existing municipal services and utilities. Should additional facilities be needed, the Plan Commission shall forward its recommendations to the Village Board and shall not issue final approval until the Village Board has entered into an agreement with the applicant regarding the development of such facilities.