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Certificate of Compliance
§ 415-92 Certificate of compliance.
A. Certificate required. No vacant land hereafter developed; no building hereafter erected, relocated, moved, reconstructed or structurally altered, and no floodlands hereafter filled, excavated or developed shall be occupied or used until a certificate of compliance has been issued by the Zoning Administrator. Such certificate shall show that the structure, premises or use is in conformity with the provisions of this chapter.
B. Application for certificate of compliance. Application shall be made in the same manner as for a zoning permit pursuant to § 415-91 and coincidental with application for a zoning and/or building permit. Application for a certificate of compliance in the floodland districts shall include certification by a registered professional engineer or land surveyor that the plans therefor will fully comply with the floodland regulations set forth in this chapter; further, before a certificate shall be issued, such certification by the engineer or surveyor shall also be filed to the effect that the project does, indeed, so comply.
C. Existing uses. Upon written request from the owner, the Zoning Administrator shall issue a certificate of compliance for any building or premises existing at the time of the adoption of this chapter certifying, after inspection, the extent and kind of use made of the building or premises and whether or not such use conforms to the provisions of this chapter.
D. Nonconforming uses.
(1) No nonconforming use shall be maintained, renewed or changed until a certificate of compliance has been issued by the Zoning Administrator.
(2) Certificates of compliance for the continued occupancy of nonconforming uses existing at the time of the passage of this chapter shall be issued by the Zoning Administrator, and the certificate shall state that the use is a nonconforming one and does not conform to the provisions of this chapter. The Zoning Administrator shall notify the owner(s) of the property being used as a nonconforming use.