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Zoning Permit
§ 415-91 Zoning permit.
A. Zoning permit required. No new structure, new use of land, water or air, or change in the use of land, water or air shall hereafter be permitted and no structure or part thereof shall hereafter be located, erected, moved, reconstructed, extended, enlarged, converted, or structurally altered without a zoning permit.
B. Application for permit. Applications for a zoning permit shall be made to the Zoning Administrator and shall include the following where pertinent and necessary for proper review:
(1) Names and addresses of the applicant, owner of the site, architect, professional engineer and contractor.
(2) Description of the subject site by lot, block and recorded subdivision; address of the subject site; type of structure; existing and proposed operation or use of the structure or site; number of employees; and the zoning district within which the subject site lies.
(3) Plat of survey prepared by a land surveyor registered in the State of Wisconsin or other map drawn to scale and showing such of the following as may be required by the Zoning Administrator: the location, boundaries, dimensions, uses, and size of the following: subject site; existing and proposed structures; existing and proposed easements, streets and other public ways; public utilities; off-street parking, loading areas and driveways; existing highway access restrictions; high water; channel, floodway and floodplain boundaries; and existing and proposed street, side and rear yards.
(4) Additional information as may be required by the Zoning Administrator or the Plan Commission (if involved).
C. Action.
(1) A zoning permit shall be granted or denied in writing by the Zoning Administrator within 30 days of application, and the applicant shall post such permit in a conspicuous place at the site.
(2) The permit shall expire within six months unless substantial work has commenced, or within 18 months after the issuance of the permit if the structure for which a permit is issued is not substantially completed, in which case of expiration the applicant shall reapply for a zoning permit before commencing work on the structure.
(3) Any permit issued in conflict with the provisions of this chapter shall be null and void.