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Sign Permit
§ 415-57 Sign permit.
A. Permit required. No persons shall erect, relocate, reconstruct or maintain or cause the aforementioned within the Village any signs without first having obtained and having in force and in effect a permit therefor from the Building Inspector.
B. Application for permit. Signs shall not be erected or altered until a permit has been issued by the Building Inspector. Applications for a sign permit shall be made in writing upon forms furnished by said Inspector. The applicant shall file with the application plans and specifications and provide information about the sign, including dimensions, materials, illumination, wiring, height above grade, distance from lot line, and by whom it shall be erected. Permits are not required for a copy change when no change in business name is involved.
C. Permit fees. A permit fee shall be paid to the Village Clerk-Treasurer for each sign permit issued under this article; provided, however, that a fee shall not be charged for putting an existing sign in conformance with this article, or for a copy change when no change in business name is involved. The permit fee shall be in accordance with a fee schedule adopted by resolution of the Village Board.
D. Inspection. The applicant shall, upon completion of the installation, relocation or alteration of the sign, notify the Building Inspector who will assure the sign complies with the regulations of this article.
E. Revocation of permit; appeal. The Building Inspector may at any time for a violation of this chapter revoke a permit or require changes so that the sign conforms to this chapter. The holder of a revoked permit shall be entitled to an appeal before the Zoning Board of Appeals.
F. Exceptions. Permits shall not be required for the following types of signs:
(1) Real estate signs. On a lot, there may be placed one unanimated real estate sign, provided that such signs shall be limited to wall and freestanding signs whose maximum display area shall not exceed eight square feet for residential property and 32 square feet for nonresidential property.
(2) Political signs. Political signs are permitted to be placed on property, subject to the following conditions:
(a) Political signs may be erected no sooner than 60 days before said election, and said election sign shall be removed within 10 days following the final election to which it applies.
(b) Political signs are not permitted to be placed on public property.
(3) Construction signs. On-site building construction signs shall have a total combined maximum display area not to exceed 16 square feet for residential lots and 32 square feet for nonresidential lots.
Variances or exceptions may be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals, and decisions by the Building Inspector may be appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
Note that information on these procedures can be found within their respective entries on the Procedures page or in Article XIII of the code. 
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